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New Clay

I've been experimenting recently with some new clay bodies from @KentuckyMudworks. I started with Iceman, a smooth white clay, nice, but not a lot different from what I was working with. Then I tried Dark Star, which is Iceman with speckles and I love it, expect to see lots of this clay body! I tried Iceman with grog, a little too groggy for my taste, but it will make an awesome fountain, when I get my nerve up to try . This past week I've been throwing Brown Bear, a real rich , creamy, dark, dark brown. It is beautiful and I can't wait too see it fired. I also tried Sheltowee, a red clay, that was again easy to throw and rich in color. Can't wait to try some blue glazes on this! Good thing my wheel is on the screen porch, that I am a pretty clean thrower and used to cleaning my wheel and all my tools each time I throw. Now for these North Carolina skies to let up on the humidity, rain ( and hurricanes), so these pieces dry enough to be fired. I also have a bag of real porcelain, my main clay body used to be a porcelainous stoneware, but this is the real deal. I am going to try to make some translucent Christmas ornaments and earrings and ...

Stay tuned and I'll share the results!

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