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Fundraiser for Good Shepherd Center

Early this spring I signed up to do more shows than I ever had before; some were new to me, some were bigger venues and some were juried, What's a potter to do? Supplies are expensive (clay, tools, glazes, firing costs for bisque and glaze fires). Then Covid 19 happened. Spring shows were canceled, then summer, then fall. Now I am hearing that winter / holiday shows won't be happening. Yet, I am still making. Still collecting too many pots. Still spending a bit too much on supplies. Making gets me up some mornings; something new to try, a new skill to work on, a gorgeous new glaze, I can't stop. I love it.

I am incredibly lucky, I know this. Covid 19 has not taken any of my loved ones. My family is healthy and mostly happy. I can pay my bills. I eat well. I have time to create. So, here's what I'm thinking, buy a pot (any pot) and I will donate half of the cost to Good Shepherd Center. Good Shepherd provides food, housing and so much more for those in need in the Wilmington, NC area. Pots can be picked up In Leland, NC ( contact-less front porch service) or shipped to you . Offer good all though September 2020.

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